About us

At Alsótekeres, for over 100 years the experience and tradition of generations of nursery men have

resulted in the creation of one of Hungary’s largest horticultural companies. Since the company's restructuring in 1991, we have continued to devote our selves to main taining our valued traditions.

At Alsótekeres we primarily grow nursery stock for or namental horticulture and general landscaping, but

we also produce high-quality fruit trees for wholesale and for the public.

Our goal is to provide our customers with plants that are best suited to our environmental and cultural conditions. In order to achieve this, in addition to carrying a broad spectrum of nursery material we also conduct our own plant breeding research and propagate new selections. We offer a wide range of nursery stock in various sizes, from small grafts to large (6–8 m tall) trees that have been transplanted several times.

Our nursery shop – a garden center – provides visitors with a wide selection of plants in pots or with

balled and burlapped roots; customers with large order sare directly served in the nursery proper.

We invite you to visit our shop and nursery and as sure you that our staff will do its very best to provide

expert advice on your plans, plants, and options.

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We are grateful to our customers whose comments

and constructive advice continually help us to improve all aspects of our nursery business.


                            Elemér Barabits,

                           Managing Director





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