"The tree nursery since 1921"

Alsótekeres Tree Nursery – where experience meets innovation and creates quality.


We are proud that the plants grown by us proclaim the professional work of our nursery all around Europe.

As one of the oldest and most significant tree nurseries of Hungary, our work creates value for both the current and future generations.


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Outstanding soil and climate
The secret of the plants grown by Alsótekeres Tree Nursery derives from the high-quality soil and the unique climate that characterizes the Pannonian environment. Our sunlight-rich summers, the dry and otherwise harsh winters, and relatively low rainfall make our plants really hardy. Here, at Alsótekeres Tree Nursery we work hard to grow plants that are well suited to the conditions of the Carpathian Basin and other regions of similar climates.
Continuous innovation and high levels of expertise
Species Policies – Refinement
We have broad-scale research experience with the species best suited to the climate of the Carpathian Basin. Our improvement projects include selection of the most beautiful native trees and shrubs, introducing them into cultivation, as well as the introduction of woody plants from regions possessing similar climatic and soil conditions. Our research and development goes hand in hand with creating new methods for propagating and cultivating a large variety of species, and passing on this knowledge. We put great emphasis on cultivating well established native and introduced species, and on trying new species and varieties and sharing our experience.
Quality: careful work combined with proven trueness to variety
Trueness to variety
The quality of our plants are not only proven by time. We issue a proof of origin to all plants leaving the nursery. Our highly trained professional team is responsible for planning and implementing the workflow so that we can present our customers with nursery material that is true to variety, is biologically valuable, and is properly controlled by the appropriate authorities.


The true success of our work is proven by customers returning year by year, and by decade-long partnerships. For almost a century, our plants have been making the man-made environment more liveable andof improved quality, at home and abroad as well.

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